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What is backlinks

If you want your homepage to appear at the top of the search results, backlinks play an important role. But what are backlinks anyway? Well, few example below may explain it. 

  • If a website have a link in the article or any of places on its site, this is a link that leads back to your homepage. So it’s a backlink.
  • Naturally these backlinks are, for example, tips from Internet users who recommend your site. In other case, these backlinks made by you. 
  • In the best case, your website is the only source for the information or article and is therefore linked by everyone else.

What are types of backlinks

Backlinks can be classified by many criteria: 

  • By html tags: no-follow and do-follow are the 2 type of backlinks
  • By platforms the links placed: Web 2.0 backlinks, web profiles, forum, wiki, bookmarking, shorten URLs, blog comments, social network, PDF…
  • By SEO techniques: PBNs, Guest post, footer backlinks…
  • By the appearance/format : anchor text, naked links, plain links, image links, signature links… 
  • By the authority of the links: high authority and low authority, edu, gov backlinks…

Below we will explain all the types of backlinks above

What is Do-follow and No-follow backlinks

A Dofollow backlink is the backlink that does not have “nofollow” tag in the HTML of the URL on the page. Do-follow backlinks  passes the authority (link juice) from the referring website to the linked website. Crawlers count these links and their anchor texts. 

what is no-follow backlinks Above is example of no-follow backlinks

what is do-follow backlinks

And this is do-follow backlinks, it doesnt have no-follow tag

The main difference between these do-follow and no-follow backlinks   is the instruction your website  give to Google. If you use a do-follow link, you indicate that Google should follow the link and therefore consider it in the evaluation of your site. It is exactly the opposite if you use a no-follow link. The latter will indeed not be followed by Google and it will, therefore, have much less impact on your SEO, but it play an important role in SEO as it make backlinks profile look more nature, driving signals, doing brand mentions and other things that matter. 

What is Web 2.0 backlinks, web profile, bookmarking, forum backlinks…

  • Web 2.o backlinks are backlinks from blog platform such as: wordpress, blogspot, evernote, tumblr.. where you can place backlinks in the blog post. 
  • Web/forum profile backlinks are backlinks from the website that you can register as user and your website URLs can be a referral about you and your work.
  • Bookmarking backlinks are backlinks that lead straight to your site in a bookmark link or shorten URLs.
  • Forum backlinks: the backlinks when you comment/ post on threads on forum are forum backlinks
  • Blog comment: simillar to forum backlinks above
  • Social network/social signals: are backlinks from social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram…

What is PBN and Guest Post backlinks

  • What is PBN backlinks: PBN is a private network is a network of websites with purpose is to generate links to money sites. Money sites are sites intended to be positioned in the search engines. There are 2 kinds of PBNs dedicated and shared. They are comparable to the different types of accommodation that can be purchased for your website. The dedicated PBNs are the one you build yourself in order to create quickly backlinks to money site. Shared PBN is generally used by independent SEO or agencies. It is a network of sites on different IPs, intended to be sold to the owners of money sites who needs PBN backlinks.
  • What is Guest Post: guest posting is the action of submitting a post, or an article on someone’s site in order to get a backlink to your site. You can buy these kind of backlink from the owner of those sites.  

What is naked links, anchor text, plain links…

It is better for you to understand those concepts by examples:

We hope it all clear by now. 

What is high authority, low authority backlinks

The authority of a website or a backlinks used to be determined by PR.  PR  represents the words ‘Page Rank’ and put simply it’s Google’s way of ‘ranking’ the popularity of your web page across the whole web. PR is scored from the numbers “0” through “10” with “0” being the lowest and “10” being the highest. The better PR a site is, the higher domain authority that site have.

But since 2015 Google discontinued showing Page Range score to the public. Luckily, – the largest SEO community has come up with some metrics that help predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). These metrics called Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority.

The higher Domain authority a site has the higher authority backlink from that site has. 

list of high authority backlinks
A sample list of high authority domains that you can create high authority backlinks

Low authority backlinks are backlinks with DA under 15, as those sites are quite new and haven’t built much trust yet. 

What is high quality backlinks

If you understand the concept of high authority backlinks above, it is easier to understand high quality backlinks. There are 3 most important factors that define the quality of a backlinks: the relevancy, the authority and traffic. 

It’s quite difficult (yet not impossible) to know if a site have good traffic or not, but usually the higher authority a site have the better traffic. Therefore the quality of backlinks can be ranked below (from high to low) 

  • Best quality: High authority + Relevant niche site
  • High quality: High authority + Relevant content page 
  • Good quality: High authority + No relevance
  • Medium quality: Low authority + relevant site 
  • Low quality: Low authority + no relevance

10 White-hat mainstream natrual methods to get high quality backlinks for free

Yes, you can buy backlinks for faster ranking, but there are always ways that you can get free high quality backlinks. Below are 10 methods that you can get high authority backlinks for you site, and these methods all recommend by SEO experts as well as Google as they promote good useful content for users. 

1. Choosing a domain with a keyword of your niche

That is what we do, as you can see that our choice of domain uses this method. A study of the impact of new domains on search engine optimisation suggests that a keyword-related domain name can help websites get fast appearance on search results as it also stands for a brand that is mentioned by other sites. 

2. Build high quality content and be credible 

To ensure that more and more reputable websites link to you, you have to provide them with content that is worth backlinking. In other words, to link credible websites to you, you have to have credibility yourself.

There is simply no other way than to produce meaningful and well-designed content, especially since search engines are increasingly relying on quality and authenticity to eliminate the confusion. Literally every element of the content on your website must have the following characteristics:

Their content should expand the knowledge of the reader and close the gap between the needs of the consumer and the information already available.

Widening your horizons beyond the usual copy-heavy articles and opening up unique content offers that other websites can rely on is an effective way to acquire credible backlinks.

Here are some content formats that work well on their own as well as supporting arguments on other websites, making them attractive backlink options:

  • Detailed and niche instructions,
  • Infographics,
  • Diagrams and graphs,
  • Case studies,
  • Comparative analyses,
  • eBooks
  • White papers,
  • Audio recordings,
  • Image libraries
  • Video

3. Focusing on trend

Create content that matches the latest trends and keyword usage. Make sure your content and page structure are optimized. Publishing interviews with experts on interesting and current topics is valuable and helps your entire SEO. These also ensure that great content can be linked to backlinks.

The same rules apply if you want to revise your older content to make it fresh, relevant, and engaging for users and other websites that can rely on your strong SEO to improve their own. 

4. Doing social signals

Frequently share posts that are creative and engaging – this is essential for building brand reputation and loyalty.

Social media combined with a strong SEO strategy can help bring more traffic to your website. This makes you more credible in the eyes of search engines and worthy of backlinks in the eyes of other websites. Because what use is great content if it cannot be seen and shared by the people out there?

However, publication in social media is not enough. To ensure that your content gets the attention it deserves, it’s important to engage with your audience in a meaningful way on social media. There aren’t many ways to do this, but you can, for example, respond to their comments and reward their shares and likes with mentions in your own user profile. The same goes for websites that point to you, as more visibility of your username on social media means that you’ll be more concerned with yourself.

5. Guestposting

Guest articles don’t cost anything except time. But investing this time makes more than sense. Not only, as just mentioned, to expand the expert status, but also to generate high-quality backlinks here. Guest articles rarely have a real advertising effect, since it is natural that you mention your own website in the end in your author profile. However, the trust factor is very high in most cases, because you are “from the subject” and have to have a clue. Even if it isn’t that pronounced at the beginning, it will change after a few releases.

But how do you find websites that offer guest article slots?

Very simple: Just enter your relevant keywords with the addition “guest article” on Google and you will find a lot of websites that will be very happy about high-quality content. However, websites that have not yet published any guest articles are also making exceptions here. Just try your luck!

You can also try another terms such as:

  • Your relevant keywords + “write for us”
  • Your relevant keywords + ” submit your post/ articles”

Get into conversation and write guest articles. So you not only get backlinks, but sooner or later you will also be perceived as an expert. So backlinks from other websites can be placed on your website.

6. Interviews

Interviews are always interesting and fairly simply produced content. Contact personalities from your industry and interview them. Again, there is a big advantage for both sides. Your interview partner gets coverage and gets into conversation and you get high-quality content and certainly a backlink. 

A little tip: Before the interview, clarify whether your interview partner will also link the interview to their website.

By the way, interviews are also a very good way to get backlinks on Wikipedia.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a person who has their own Wikipedia profile or is in a crucial role in a company with a Wikipedia profile.
  2. Take a close look at the Wikipedia profile and ask the other person for news that is not yet noted in the Wikipedia profile.
  3. Change the Wikipedia profile and confirm your entry change with the interview.

If the news significantly improves the Wikipedia profile, the link will be 100% confirmed and will remain there for a very long time.

7. Write summary

Another (not entirely free) link building strategy is to write recaps about conferences, trade fairs, etc. in your industry. Visit these events to consolidate your expert status. Get you and your website talking and report about the event afterwards.

Get in touch with other recap writers and offer your recap for linking (of course, you should have linked the other person’s recap on your page beforehand). Very few will say no.

Generating backlinks with the help of recaps has several advantages. Of course, at the beginning you have to take a little money in your hand to attend the upcoming event. However, you not only get the know-how of the event or the opportunity to network, but you can also collect a few backlinks afterwards with a proper summary.

8. Forum discussion

Forums are not yet completely extinct, but there are fewer and fewer forums that are really active. But also inactive forums still have a lot of traffic and are sometimes still very strong websites (from a technical and tool perspective). Investing some time here can really be worth it! But please: pay attention to the topic relevance.

9. Find and replace broken links

Broken links are links to URLs that no longer exist, i.e. 404 pages. External links on 404 pages can have a negative impact on user behavior and indirectly show Google that you do not maintain your website properly or have it under control. And yet there are lots of websites that have countless broken links.

The goal of this link building strategy is to address the website operator to your broken links and to offer your suitable content.

How do you best do it?

  1. Create an extensive list with all domains from your subject area.
  2. Run these websites through an analysis program (e.g. Screaming Frog) and find all broken links on these websites.
  3. Prioritize the broken links that have the same 404 link target.
  4. If you do not yet have the content on your website, recreate it to a high quality. The topic relevance is decisive here.
  5. Search for other pages that link to the “lost” website.

10. Backlink from stolen photos from your site

If you have high-quality images or graphics on your website, it is very annoying if other websites use your expensive content and graphics, photos  and you do not benefit from it.

It is therefore best to check at regular intervals whether someone is using your pictures or graphics without permission. Here is how to do that. 

Take all the picture URLs of your website (the rights must of course belong to you) and put them in a list. Then go to Google Image Search ( ) and enter the URLs. Alternatively, you can upload the file, but Google will save it for a maximum of seven days.

Google will now show you whether your images are already being used elsewhere. The good thing here is that the images are displayed even if they have been cropped or slightly revised.

If you have now discovered a malefactor, write to him that he will use your picture and, if he wants to continue using it on his website, you must indicate you as the source. Believe me, he’ll do that.

  • Make sure that your high quality images are not used elsewhere. However, if one of your pictures is used, contact the website operator and remind him of the copyright.  He will surely link you as a source!

Should you buy backlinks

We know that doing all the methods above cost time, a lot of time and even some investment if you hire someone to do that for you. So you might be thinking about buying backlinks. 

Our answer is yes, you can buy backlinks and you should. And here is why:

  • Buying backlink saves you time
  • If you understand SEO enough you will know it is safe and how to do it safely
  • It’s proved that buying backlinks an improve ranking, we have done many projects and they all worked without issue. You can see other buying links and still get good results and generate income. Check out for those cases. 
  • Let the pros take care of backlinks mean you will avoid mistakes that may hurt your ranking when you build backlinks your self or by softwares and you do it wrong. 

What should you keep in mind when buying backlinks

There are 2 important factors that will make it safe and effective when buying backlinks. Those are the quality of backlinks and the naturalness

Naturalness is very important when you buy backlinks, either from us or from any services. To maintain the naturalness of backlink building you should do the following:

  • Diversify the platform of backlinks
  • Drip feed the links, that means you you separate the backlinks through days, don’t build to many links in a short period of time. Especially when your site is new (under 6 months old) 
  • Build the links following the pyramid diagram (we will explain below) 
  • Let Google index the links naturally if your site is new 
  • Maintain the high-quality content and the freshness of your site, do few articles every week. 
  •  The number of backlinks you buy should be in conjunction of the freshness of your site. 
  • Buy the high quality backlinks for Tier 1. 

What is backlink pyramid. 

A Backlink Pyramid is the safest and the most effective strategies to build backlinks for a site, help increase the authority of a site in a natural way.  In this method of backlink building, there are different levels of quality of links that are interconnected to each other to create a strong base for other levels.

There are three levels, Level 1, Level 2 and we often call that Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.   

  • Tier 3 contributes to directly in Tier 2 to make it more strong
  • Tier 2 contributes to directly in Tier 1 to make it more strong
  • Then Tier 1 help increasing the authority of the money site and therefore help your ranking. 

Below is the example of backlink pyramid. 

What is Backlink pyramid

The quality of backlinks through Tiers

  • Tier 1 in backlink pyramid

Tier 1 will you be your highest quality links. These links should be manually created Web 2.0’s, high PR blog posts, high DA social bookmarks, etc… These links will be pointing directly to my site so you want to make sure they are not spammy and have good diversity and also revelancy

  • Tier 2 in backlink pyramid

The second-tier of links will be medium quality links. You can use well-spun articles. Article directories, wiki link, and various medium DA backlinks are good for the second-tier. Your second-tier of links will be pointing towards your first tier of backlinks only. The goal of the second-tier links is to strengthen the quality of your tier 1 points and improve the index rate of them. You will want to send multiple tiers 2 links to each tier 1 backlink. This means you will be creating 5 to 20 times more tier 2 and then you created in the first Tier.

  • Tier 3 in backlink pyramid

 Tier 3 doesn’t need to be very high-quality backlinks, it rather the number of backlinks that will help the backlinks in Tier 2 get indexed and have more authority. Tier 3 can be blog commenting, bookmarking, indexer, guest posting, URL redirect…

How long does it take for backlinks to have effects on your site’s ranking

There is no straight, perfect answer to this question. But after the backlinks indexed which naturally takes 6-12 weeks (could be half of it if using indexers), it will take 2 weeks to 4 months to see the effects. And how fast you can see the effect on the keyword ranking you can expect as below. 

  • The less competition your niche is the faster you see effects on ranking.
  • The less competition your keywords are faster you see improvement in your ranking.
  • The better content you have the more changes you see in the ranking.
  • The lower rank you have the more effect a link has.
  • Backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) will have a better effect on ranking.